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Lune and Returnity launch Binc: the ultimate concept for sustainable waste sorting.

Manufacturer of sustainable waste systems, Lune and circularity mastermind, Returnity have joined forces to realise a shared dream: an ultimate circular waste bin. This dream has become reality in the shape of the Binc. The Binc combines ease of use, functionality, sustainability and Dutch design with the principle of circularity. In all respects, this makes the Binc the solution of the future for waste sorting at the workplace.

Stylish, easy and functional

In the Binc, waste is sorted in a single system that you can easily convert from 3 to 4 compartments. There is also a choice between an open top and a closed lid. The Dutch design adds a touch of style to any work environment. And, Binc is synonymous with ease; the fitted bags for each waste stream, made from recycled plastics, are instantly recognisable by their colour and quickly and easily click into the bin through clever openings. The bags are easy to change and keep clean.

The circularity principle

What really sets Binc apart from other systems, is the built-in circularity. Circularity the economic system whereby used products and materials are continually rotated, without losing their worth. This principle is reflected in each and every Binc. In a Binc, waste is neatly sorted into various waste streams, including plastics. Returnity has the plastic processed into granulate, which is then used to produce a new Binc lid. Once a Binc – or part of one – needs replacing, it is returned to the original site of manufacture in Hoogeveen. There, the Binc parts are inspected for their need for replacement. These may be plastic parts, made from ‘Returnity granulate’, or metal parts, made from recycled steel from the Netherlands. Lastly, all the parts – new and used – are put together. As such, the provenance and sustainable processing behind a Binc are guaranteed. Waste offers valuable raw material for new products. The waste is simply given a second life, making it circular.

And each Binc will be provided with an circular passport by Circular IQ. Reliable information regarding the nature and characteristics of products, components and materials, is of critical importance in order to effectively implement the circular economy and eradicate waste and value-loss, throughout supply chains. The Circular IQ Product Circularity Report provides this information in an easy to compare and straightforward format.

Unique collaboration between Lune and Returnity

The Binc is the brainchild of Lune and Returnity, who entered into partnership to create it. Lune designs, produces and markets products consumers can use to collect materials sustainably. Functionality, ergonomics and sustainable design are primary objectives. Returnity works towards a business world without waste and helps future-conscious organisations operate sustainably. With services and circular products such as lease printing paper, Returnity and partners are leading the way towards a circular environment.

Together, Lune and Returnity take great care in selecting raw materials that make for a sustainable waste bin. These materials come from Returnity and Lune’s own networks in the Netherlands, and can be infinitely re-used. This transformation is echoed in the Binc credo: ‘From Waste To Value’.

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