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When choosing a waste bin for your office environment, what do you look for? Do you choose by design? Ease of use? Functionality, perhaps? It can be a difficult choice. That being said, with the unique Binc concept you can have it all – and more!

The Binc is definitely functional: the waste is sorted in a single system for 3 different waste streams. All models now come standard with wheels and are therefore extremely easy to move. Furthermore, you can choose between an open top and a closed lid. A wonderful example of Dutch design, the Binc adds a touch of style to any work environment. And, the Binc is synonymous with ease; the fitted bags for each waste stream, made from recycled plastics, are instantly recognisable by their colour and quickly and conveniently click into the bin through clever openings. The bags are easy to change and keep clean. Your office cleaners will be delighted.

Though, it is the built-in circularity that really sets the Binc apart from other systems. This elevates the Binc from being just any modern bin to the must-have sustainable solution for sorting waste at work.

A Binc waste unit for the office? Here are the benefits:

    • Functionality: sorting waste within a single system (no separate bins).
    • Ease: recognisable compartments, easy to empty and keep clean – for the cleaners, too.
    • Style: great design, complements any work environment.
    • Flexibility: all models now come standard with wheels and are therefore extremely easy to move
    • Sustainability: solid construction and high quality.
    • Circularity: waste bin made from recycled material (VANG:Van Afval Naar Grondstof) that in turn collects more waste.
    • Business hygiene: central waste unit to replace separate bins in the workplace. Available with open top or closed lid.

Partnership Lune en Returnity

A dream has come true for Lune and Returnity. By joining forces, we are able to create the ultimate circular waste bin. We take great care in selecting raw materials that make for a sustainable waste bin. These materials come from our own Lune and Returnity networks, and can be infinitely re-used. We are now proud to present the final result of our collaboration: the Binc.

Lune designs, produces and markets products customers can use to collect materials sustainably. Functionality, ergonomics and sustainable design are primary objectives. A special focus on Dutch design makes future-proof products that also look timeless.

Returnity works towards a world without waste and helps future-conscious businesses operate sustainably. With services and circular products such as lease printing paper, Returnity helps us on our way to a circular environment.


From waste to value

The Binc is beautiful, convenient, functional and circular. These qualities make it the ultimate solution for sustainable waste sorting. Are you ready for this new waste experience? Take your first step in the right direction with the Binc. The environment will thank you for it.

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